ABOUT US (Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries)

With three decades of experience growing, harvesting and preparing seed, plants, shrubs and trees, Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries (TCRN) produces the highest-quality native, local-genotype seed and plants available. Our seed is typically collected within a 150-mile radius of each of our nurseries. We track seed origins diligently and carry more than one genotype. Most of our seed is nursery-grown in beds started from seeds collected ethically on native remnants. We still do some wild seed collection to preserve and promote diversity, by contract with landowners, but our policy is to collect only a small portion of the seed present. Additionally, we provide ecological management including invasive species control on these sites to ensure remnants remain healthy and viable. We also specialize in local genotypes, so please call us with specific origin needs.

 Please contact our Client Services Representative for more information or species availability.

Phone: (608) 897-8641 • Fax: (608) 897-8486 •  nursery.service@appliedeco.comwww.restorationnurseries.com